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Dog Training

What is Total Pet Care dog training?

Dog training is the process involved in teaching the dog desired responses to given commands. There are various methods and techniques for training dogs. Many of the trainers in Las Vegas favor Alpha dog or Dominance Based Training. These methods rely on a theory of pack role and establishing dominance over the dog. While it has been shown to be effective, evidence in empirical studies indicate that it may also increase stress levels in dogs and leave them fearful

Total Pet Care uses a Relationship Based Approach.

We do not rely on establishing dominance and submission. We bring a more individualized approach for you, your family, and your dog. Our staff works to build deep and meaningful bond between humans and dogs. When the bond is strong, your dog wants to learn and wants to please you.

In order for this process to work, you will learn your dog’s basic needs and how he or she prioritizes them. You will also learn how to receive your dog’s communication attempts. Additionally, you will learn what best motivates your dog. We control environment and slowly increase difficulty of lessons. If a dog doesn’t respond right, we work together to figure out why as opposed to punishing. It takes much care and a great deal of patience but it is worth it.

What if my dog is more difficult?

Some things are not a matter of training. Dogs have emotions just like people and just like people, sometimes they are reacting to strong emotions like fear, anger, extreme happiness and excitement. Total Pet Care Behavior Modification methods involves the same underlying philosophy as our approach to training. However, BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION in a reactive dog requires a deeper understanding of classical and operant conditioning to look at the specific triggers and thresholds that your dog is responding to.

Experience Matters

Stephanie Wapp, our president, has been a certified animal trainer for 15-years and counting. Her continuous education and experience handling and caring for animals has allowed her to understand how to effectively train your pets. Stephanie’s continued education includes Pet CPR & First Aid, Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT) and veterinarian seminars for senior pet care and wellness management to better prepare herself for senior client care.

If your dog is older there is hope! Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, but starting young and teaching your dog to be a great member of your family early will have you both more content in the long run.

We come to you.

Training your dog at home is convenient for you. It also offers a benefit of training the dog in its own home environment which reduces the possibility of the stimulation of an unfamiliar environment. Home training sessions are convenient for your, comfortable for your dog, and efficient for all involved. 




**For driving distance more than 10 miles $5.00 gas fee will be applied.

Certified for Both Pet CPR & First Aid

Certified Professional Dog Trainer(CPDT)

Continuing Education in Animal Behavior

Force-Free Methods

Seasoned Pet Sitter

Adoption and Rescue Experienced

Affordable Services


Professional United Pet Sitters Association member in Las Vegas


 Animal Behavior College Certified


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